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Certificates and quality policies, EMS, GTC and OSH

In 2002, we obtained a certificate for operating on gas installations according to TPG 923 01 without pressure and dimension restrictions. The certificate was issued by the certification and registration authority GAS s.r.o. We are also authorised by the Technical Inspectorate of the Czech Republic to operate: installation, repair, revision and testing of dedicated gas equipment.

These documents entitle us to install and repair gas pipelines and pipeline connections made of steel and polyethylene in open excavations without limiting the overpressure and dimension of pipes, as well as for trenchless laying of gas pipelines by the method of mechanical drawing of PE pipes into a pre-prepared protection and last but not least, special technology of pipe design and flow closure gas carried out by the technology of the neck and all-round fittings on gas pipelines under overpressure (stoppling).

We also hold certificates according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 including ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and ČSN ISO 45001:2008.